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Nise Wave Sous Vide, 1200W Waterproof Immersion Circulator, with Wifi and Touch Control

Nise Wave Sous Vide, 1200W Waterproof Immersion Circulator, with Wifi and Touch Control

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  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY FOOD HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY - With the Wave it’s a snap to make high quality dishes on your schedule! With manual or in-app controls, the Wave is the epitome of convenience while still delivering a gourmet meal. Sous Vide cooking delivers results that are impossible to achieve through other methods, and it’s finally easy to do!
  • STRONGER THAN THE COMPETITION - With 1200w of heating power the Wave rapidly heats water with .1º of precision, leaving the less accurate and underpowered competition in the dust. Unlike other devices the Wave is IPX7 Water Resistance certified, protecting it from any accidental dunks or condensation from steam. With a real world heating capacity of up to 40 liters, you’ll never find yourself lacking power for large cooks!
  • UNCOMPROMISING DESIGN - Coming in at just 11” tall the Wave is a perfect fit for any utensil drawer, yet sleek enough for countertop display in even the most modern kitchens. The backlit screen and controls give you true ease of use for simple cooks, and the multi-color LED indicators let you know the status of your meal at a glance.
  • SMART DEVICE CONTROL - The Wave includes a fully developed app that not only allows you to schedule and control your device with any modern smartphone or tablet, but also includes hundreds of recipes with step by step instructions accessible at your fingertips! Unlike other devices on the market, you can even control your Wave with Amazon’s Alexa.
  • OVER THE AIR UPDATES - Our high speed WIFI chip allows the Wave firmware to be updated over WiFi, allowing us to make sure you’re given the best experience the Wave can provide. While software is always advancing the Wave can keep up and stay compatible, which means you get the newest advances in Sous Vide technology without having to purchase another device.
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